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Patterson Foundation is a private grantmaking foundation committed to investing in programs that strengthen communities by helping those most in need live healthy lives. The Foundation focuses its grants on human services and education programs related to oral health, animal health, and occupational and physical rehabilitation.

While the Patterson Foundation operates like a corporate foundation, its funding has been for the most part from individuals associated with the company, rather than from Patterson Companies. The Foundation has a 13-member board consisting of individuals affiliated with Patterson Companies. The board typically meets four times each year to consider applications for funding.

Annually between $500,000 and $800,000 are awarded to programs that further the goals of the Foundation as stated in the Foundation’s guidelines, which are periodically modified. Included in the annual awards are scholarships for dependents of Patterson Companies employees.

The Foundation welcomes and encourages inquiries in advance of application. Call 651.686.1929 or email